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  1. Caffenol all my recipes

    2021-12-05 17:20:00 UTC

    camera:Hasselblad 500cm   different film types first date: 01.2020  Film: Kodak TRIX400@200 recipe: Caffenol CL semistand @20°C for 70 minutes Soda 20,4 gr. (waterfree) VitaminC 12,75 gr. iodised salt 18 gr. Instant coffee 51 gr. notes on the development process: pre-water for 5 minutes  initial movement 30seconds to 1 minute Intermediate…

  2. trees trunks shapes textures

    2021-02-26 09:34:46 UTC

    a condensed selection of pictures that i have created in the last years and therefore very close to my heart  since the beginning of my photographic journey i was always fascinated about trees sometimes it is only a detail of the bark the skin of a tree what excites my…

  3. translucent plants

    2021-02-11 10:34:00 UTC

    12.2020 With this project of 8 rather 16 plants I now also start selling my pictures here via my store.  The beginning has been made and that is good! Hasselblad 500cm  Fomapan100classic@64 recipe29 Caffenol C-L 70minutes @20°C lens: Sonar 4-150c + TC2X a series is created and that is very…

  4. twentytwo

    2019-04-16 19:50:25 UTC

    03.2018 Hasselblad 500cm Ilfordfp4 125@80ISO D76stock@20°C for 7min. D76 stock and i was stocked ;-) distagon 4-50c sonar 4-150c distagon 4-50c sonar 4-150c more details about the developing on

  5. twentieth

    2018-09-10 19:09:00 UTC

    01.2018 Hasselblad 500cm IlfordFP4 125@100 ILFOSOL3 das 1.mal D1+9  I  @20°C  I  4,5min.

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